Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Spiderweb Table Topper

It has begun. I have actually gotten my butt in gear soon enough to get going on holiday themed crafts before the holiday has come and gone. Because once the holiday is over the motivation for the themed crafts is gone and another year has to go by before I can think about doing them again.

In just over a month it will be Hallowe'en. Yay! Here is my very first Hallowe'en crochet project:

It's a spiderweb table topper. I was able to complete the project in just one evening. And I found out that not only does it look great on a table, but it's fantastic thrown over a lamp shade (please be very aware of the fire hazard putting it on a lampshade may pose). The whole thing is done with ch and tr and although it's listed as being medium difficulty, I found it very easy to do. My only advice is mark the first chain of each round to make navigating around the web a bit easier. It is possible to get a little lost if the web twists around at all.

Hook Size:

Materials used:
Black worsted weight yarn


Slayermel said...

Wow T-Ra looks awesome. I think this would look really good with a Black yarn that has a silver shimmer to it almost like it has dew on it.

Would definitely look great on a table during Halloween or not. It's a beautiful table cloth.

T-Ra said...

Do you know of such a yarn? You're so right, that would look fantastic!

Emily RugBurn said...

Why in the hell did I not receive an e-mail that you updated! Dogdamn you, Feedblitz!

T-Ra -- this is SO cool! I can't wait to see it in person! I've gotta get going on my Hallowe'en post (just links and stuff that I found). Nice work, lady!