Saturday, September 16, 2006

Crocheted Watch Cap

A year ago I had attempted to make a hat using a bulky yarn. The ribbing of the hat went well enough but when I tried to do the main part of the hat I found out the importance of using a yarn weight that actually goes with the pattern. The hat was just not working out. Well I finally looked up a pattern for a hat that uses a bulky weight yarn and luckily enough I was able to use the ribbing I had already created.

The pattern I used was the Crocheted Watch Cap from Lion Brand Yarn. You have to sign up for a free account on the Lion Brand web site in order to view their patterns. The black part of the hat was done following the larger size option in the pattern. The orange ribbing was made according to the Convertible Ear Flap Ski Hat pattern from the Crochet Pattern-a-Day 2006 calendar. The size turns out to fit a man's head.

Materials used:
1 ball Patons Bohemian in Copper Chaos
1 ball in black very similar to Patons Bohemian (I can't remember which one it was, can you Mel?)


Slayermel said...

Hey T-Ra, the hat turned out great. The black with the orange very bright yet classy looking. How does the D-Man like it?

I can't remember the label on the black yarn for the life of me. I looked at so many that day in the store trying to find one that would go with the colour you gave me, and the sales lady at Michaels really was not much help either.

I'm debating what to try next, I'm so excited about crochet right now it's not even funny. I think I've become obsessed. *giggle*
Thank you for your nice comment on the blue variegated yarn I used for my first hat. I was not sure about the colour at first, thought it might be to busy but it turned out not bad. Now if I could only master those damn flowers I would be happier.

talk to you later

Emily RugBurn said...

Oooo, very nice,T-Ra (and very Hallowe'eny)! I found some Hallowe'en patterns that I shall link to shortly.

T-Ra said...

Hey Mel, the D-Man likes the hat. It should be very warm. We'll see how much he likes wearing it and how well it holds up in the winter.