Monday, September 18, 2006

Granny Square Afghan

This is one of the afghans that I've crocheted.

This was made from the Granny Square Afghan pattern in the Crochet Pattern-a-Day 2006 calendar. At first I was very frustrated with the pattern but that was mainly because I didn't really understand the concept of granny squares. As soon as I figured the basics out, it was easy sailing!

The one issue is that it's supposed to be a square afghan but if you lay this one out it's a little "off-square." Mind you that doesn't matter when you're curled up in it.

The idea with this pattern is to keep going until the afghan is as big as you want. The last couple of colour rounds on mine aren't to the width that the pattern specifies, but I'd had enough of buying yarn (or should I say getting Mel to pick up yarn) for this pattern that I just decided to end it.

Materials used:
Bernat Super Value worsted weight yarn in Sky (Thanks Mel!)
Bernat Super Value worsted weight yarn in Damson


Slayermel said...

Wow, the blanket looks awesome, and I can testify to how warm and snugly it is *giggle*. As for picking up all the yarn for you, really not a problem. I don't know how you survive not being able to go to a Michael's near by. Any time you need anything from there, please just let me know. By the way I got you 2 balls of crochet cotton the big ones. I'll bring them on the 23rd.

Emily RugBurn said...

Mel = T-Ra's Yarn Biotch (Heh!)

T -- this is really nice! I can't wait to do an adult-size afghan! I've already found the pattern (and colours) I want.