Thursday, November 04, 2010

Snowflake scarf, domestimication, and the rest of my day


Crafts are always a nice way to start things off. Last night I began working on the 12 Weeks of Christmas patterns sent out by Red Heart. I can't actually figure out how to sign up for the patterns myself but my dear friend, Slayermel, is being kind enough to pass them on to me so I don't have to remember to check the web site. They're all free crochet patterns available on the Coats & Clark web site. The pattern for week 5 has already been sent out, but anal me has to start at #1.

Week 1: Falling Snowflakes Crochet Scarf
Yarn I'm using: Bernat Ice Christmas, worsted weight, acrylic
Hook I'm using: J/6.00mm as recommended in the pattern, I didn't bother checking gauge, it's a scarf, how much can gauge matter?
Where I am: After chaining 203 times (whew, and I didn't even miscount, but I double checked the number of chains before getting started), I went to bed last night near the end of row 2. That doesn't sound far, but the rows are loooong and the whole project is 3 rows and a round.
How it's going: Not bad. after completing the 3rd "fan" I realized I screwed up a bit. I originally put the 1st sc of the fan (after the dc's and turn) in the slip stitch not the first dc! So watch out for that. It was a minor frogging incident and then I got right back on track. But I must say, the white yarn with sparkle makes it really difficult to see the stitches. I think they were bang on designating this as an intermediate pattern. A beginner might find the instructions a bit confusing and if they choose white there could be issues with stitch placement.
Thoughts so far: My husband thinks it will be pretty.


Today was all about getting back to P90x. I'm not following any set plan from the program any more, just using the workouts in general 'cause I think they're great!

Morning workout: P90x Legs and Back, ~60 min
Other exercise: biking to and from work, I'm lucky to have a bike lane on my route, one of the few in Toronto, ~15-20 min each way


I have been inspired to improve my efforts to take care of my home and myself by the book "Home Economics: Vintage Advice and Practical Science for the 21st-Century Household," compiled by Jennifer McKnight Trontz.
Home Economics: Vintage Advice for the 21st-Century Household

I picked it up at the Spadina House Museum. Spadina House is beside Casa Loma. It isn't as imposing an exterior, but it is a waaaay better museum. School children should be brought to Spadina House instead of Casa Loma, there's more history to learn there.

But I digress. The book offers great tips that may be from a while back in a different age but are still applicable. It also highlights the fact that home economics is actually an essential topic. It should be required school learning and it should be taught properly. When I took home ec in school all we did was cook and sew. But it's so much more: budgeting, managing a household, cleaning tips, decorating, proper care of household items, etc.

So, I'm trying to be more domestimicated. It's going okay. I'm planning meals on Sundays for the week, that takes the stress out of dinner. I always panicked about dinner, since I am NOT a cook. Knowing what I need to make in advance takes away the stress.

Tonight, we had tacos. Fiesta time! They were yummy.

Then after dinner, dishes. It helps to do stuff right away.

And now that I've bored everyone, I'm leaving.

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