Friday, November 05, 2010

Alas, from a snowflake to a frog

Falling Snowflakes Crochet Scarf
Where I am: After getting to the end of row 2, I am back at the beginning of row 2. Considering that row 2 is along 201 sc's and it involves doing "fans" which consist of several dc and sc and ch, it's a long way back. Can you say "rippit"?
How it's going: I'm trying to stay chipper. As I approached the end of the row, I started to get nervous, as I always do, wondering and hoping that everything would work out just right. But no, it wasn't meant to be. A few stitches from the end I realized that I would run out of sc from row 1. I somehow managed to use up one more sc along the way than I should have. And where was that sc, you ask? It was in the first fan, at the beginning of the row. I thought that maybe I could fake it and not have to rip. But wisely I counted the number of fans and compared with what the pattern called for (thank goodness the pattern says how many there should be). Even with one more fan, I would only have 21 in row 2 when 22 were called for. What the heck was going on? Well, I did think the fans looks a little asymmetrical and thought that odd. When the instructions at the end of the fan say "slip st in next sc" what I'm pretty sure they mean is "slip st in sc at end of fan where ch 3 is done to begin 2nd level of fan." I can see how it would be hard to specify which sc, but next sc is definitely not it. Perhaps a diagram would have been useful here.
Thoughts so far: Well, it's a quick project, theoretically, so I'm saddened but not devastated by the frogging. I just hope that when I get to the end of row 2 again there are 22 fans. My husband still thinks it will be pretty.

Exercising went no where today. I just couldn't drag my sorry butt out of bed this morning. It didn't help that I knew I had to get to work earlier than usual today and couldn't be late. That meant I would have to do a shorter workout so I just shortened it to nothing. And I couldn't even bike to work because it was raining. I'd ordinarily bike in the rain but it's cold and I need to get a rain suit so I can keep my clothes dry. Oh well, there's always tomorrow.

Today I was tired. The thought of buying dinner briefly crossed my mind, but one of the big advantages of having a meal plan is that it puts me in the state of mind to cook what I've planned to cook. So pasta night it is!
The sauce was very basic: a can of tomatoes, 1/2 an onion, olive oil, dried basil (I thought we had some fresh in the fridge, but alas, we had used it all), salt, and pepper. I didn't think it would be great but it was actually kind of tasty.
A little fresh Parmesan and it was ready to eat. Fresh Parmesan cheese is the only way to go! That dry stuff in a shaky tube is saw dust in comparison.

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