Saturday, August 04, 2007


This is a project from March 2007. I thought this pattern was really cute so I grabbed some scraps of yarn and got crocheting. Here's what happened:

I ran out of green yarn shortly into the project and finished off with some scrap verigated yarn. It didn't turn out as cute for me as it did for the original creator. So there was only one thing to do:

Give it to Mokey! It actually turned out to be a great toy for her. She usually tears plush toys apart but Steggie is still around and aside from being goobered on and dirty he's none the worse for wear. There are no seams to split like with fabric plush toys and when she chews him, her teeth slide through the stitches so they don't create holes for her to exploit. She absolutely loves chewing on him and despite all the chewing and pulling, Steggie hasn't come apart. So for all you dog owners out there, if you want a great toy, crochet one!

Hook size:

  • Worsted weight yarn, I ended up using a dark green from Red Heart and a verigated from Bernat Super Value
  • Fibre fill

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