Saturday, March 24, 2007

I can knit!

Thanks to the Knotty Hooker a.k.a. Emily RugBurn , I can now knit (well, this was actually a few months ago, but you get the idea). She showed me the basics and then introduced me to, which is a great how-to resource site, complete with super clear video instructions.

Being a crocheter first, I was having a hard time knitting with the yarn in my right hand. That's the way Em does it. I tried for a bit to do it this way but found it incredibly awkward and unnatural which made me the world's slowest knitter. It also made me tense up my hands so they would become sore and stiff very quickly. Luckily there's the Continental knitting method, which involves holding the yarn in your left hand. I switched to that and away I went!

Here's the first bit of knitting I did:

I followed the free Cable Scarf pattern (#60053) from Lion Brand (you need to sign up for a free account to view the patterns).

I didn't finish the scarf, since I was using a yarn that I wouldn't ordinarily use for a scarf and I didn't really want a cable scarf. This was just for practice, to get my knits and purls down!


Emily RugBurn said...

Wow, T! I can't believe this was your first knitting attempt! I know cables are a lot easier to do than they look, but look how nice and even everything is! Damn, you're good!!

T-Ra said...

Thanks Lady! You're a good teacher. I find it much easier to keep knit stitches even than crochet stitches.