Thursday, October 26, 2006

Pocket Mouse

Here is one of my previous crochet projects. It's a cute little mouse crocheted from a pattern I found on the internet: It amazes me how there are so many fantastic patterns offered for free.

This little guy took only a couple of nights to do and was surprisingly easy to do. Each piece is done separately (body, nose, ears, arms, legs, and tail) and then sewn on, which if you're not fond of sewing can be a bit tedious. The sewing required for each piece is minimal but having to sewn on eight pieces is the tedious part. But it's well worth the effort for this cute little mouse. As you can see, the only real issue I seem to have had was lining up his eyes. Maybe I'll call him Drunky the Mouse.

I'm hoping to crochet his friends some day.

Hook size:

Materials used: Grey worsted weight yarn
Black yarn scrap, unraveled

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